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NHE Press Release

March 3, 2015


Local Massage Therapist and Veteran Teams with Vets Journey Home to Provide FREE Retreat Weekends to Veterans

NHE Therapeutic Bodywork and VJH announce partnership to support veterans through holistic health


(LA MESA, Calif.) – NHE Therapeutic Bodywork (NHE), a local holistic health and exercise facility, today announced a strategic partnership with veterans organization, Vets Journey Home (VJH), to support local veterans in their re-acclimation to civilian life or assist them with any trauma they may have suffered as a result of their military service. The two organizations have joined together to provide free retreat weekends to veterans in the southern California area. The weekend of February 20th marked the first weekend where NHE provided support and bodywork to the staff and participants of a 3 day retreat at the Alpine Meadows Retreat Center in Angelus Oaks, CA. The weekend was attended by nearly 30 people, and 8 participant veterans were present to take part in the healing processes offered by VJH staff and NHE.

“As a veteran I find it very rewarding to be able to volunteer and help my fellow veterans,” stated Steve White, lead therapist and owner of NHE. “My contribution to the weekend involved hands on bodywork with the staff and participants as well as educational opportunities to teach the participants about self-care, exercises, and self-management of energy and musculoskeletal injuries.”

“With the type of emotional release work that VJH offers during these weekends, Steve and NHE provide a vital service for the staff and participants,” said Connie Morlett, the staff supervisor for the California branch of VJH.

The next retreat weekend in California is scheduled for September 2015. For more information about these special veterans retreat weekends, visit Vets Journey Home website, www.vetsjourneyhome.org, or contact the California state coordinator Alex Santana at (310) 569-6039. To learn more about NHE Therapeutic Bodywork and its available services, contact Steve White at (619) 335-8007, or, visit www.nhebodyworks.com.


NHE Therapeutic Bodywork is a company based in La Mesa, Calif. that provides therapeutic bodywork, medical massage, and exercise prescription. NHE lead therapist and owner Steve White has over 15 years of experience in physical therapy and sports medicine that he uses to help people overcome injury and illness to get the most out of their lives.

Vets Journey Home is a nationwide non-profit organization that provides weekend retreats free of charge to veterans who would like assistance adjusting to civilian life or overcome trauma received while in service to their country. The retreats are open to all service members, past and present.